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Gulf Coast Community Foundation Available Grants

Grant Cycle: August 1st through October 31st of each year

Jack A. & Gertrude W. Wilson Animal Welfare Fund

The Jack A. & Gertrude W. Wilson Animal Welfare Fund was established in 2001 to provide competitive grants for qualifying organizations classified as public charities under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue code that deliver programs for or with animals. All grants from this fund are for the welfare of animals and all animals are to be included.

J. B. & Dixie Knight Fund

The J.B. & Dixie Knight Fund was established December 23, 2003 by Mr. Joel Knight and Mrs. Dixie Knight. The purpose of the fund is to award grants to teachers of the Ocean Springs School District. Grants are awarded March of each year to a teacher or teachers of the Ocean Springs School District. The selection is made by vote from Ocean Springs Education Foundation Board and the Ocean Springs School District administration.

Hannah H. Hatfield Fund

The Hannah H. Hatfield Outstanding Educator Award was established in 2000 as a permanent fund of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation in Honor of Mrs. Hannah H. Hatfield, who during her life contributed many volunteer hours in support of the Gulfport School System. All seven of her children attended Gulfport public schools. The fund was established by her children to recognize outstanding classroom teachers who have demonstrated a high commitment to student achievement and who work to ensure that all children receive an excellent education in the Gulfport Public School District.

Isiah Fredricks Education Fund

The Isiah Fredricks Education Fund supports new education projects in schools of the Gulfport and Harrison County School Districts, whose student’s population is from predominately low income families.

Roy and Louise Anderson Endowment Fund

The Roy and Louise Anderson Fund were established in 1994 by the late Roy Anderson, Jr. The fund was established to benefit the quality of life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Grants unavailable at this time.

Anthony Dartez Endowment Fund

The Anthony Dartez Endowment Fund was established in April 1995 in Memory of Mr. Anthony Dartez. The fund is to provide grants for services including, but not limited to the training and educational needs of the physically and mentally challenged. Who Can Apply

Pat Santucci Education Fund

The Pat Santucci Education Fund supports projects that impact public education and also special education in Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, Stone, Pearl River and George County School Districts. Who Can Apply

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