All Funds

Donor Advised Funds

Offers great flexibility and allows donors to play an ongoing role by recommending grants to chartable projects or organizations.

  • Dax and Mary Alexander Charitable Fund
  • Tommye Williamson Alfonso Fund
  • Adalius Thomas Donor Advised Fund
  • The Bacot Foundation Fund
  • Cassagne Damiens Family Fund
  • Hannah H. Hartfield Fund
  • Jerry and Cindy Levens Pass-Through Fund
  • Knight Foundation Fund
  • JB & Dixie Knight Fund
  • Maddox Foundation Current Giving Fund
  • Mona and Shane Loper Family Charitable Fund
  • Mueller Family Foundation Fund
  • Ocean Springs Education Foundation Endowment
  • Pass Christian Rebuild Fund
  • Pelican Fund
  • Rotary Club of Biloxi Fund
  • Rockin’ the Coast Fund
  • James F. and Linda C. Watts


Designated Funds

Supports a specific charitable organization, program or event for a set period-of-time or into perpetuity, depending on the donor’s preference and level of investment.

  • Boys & Girls Club of the Gulf Coast
  • Bay St. Louis Rotary Community Hall
  • Coast Electric Community Trust Fund
  • Coast Electric Community Endowment Fund
  • Coast Episcopal Tuition Fund
  • East Biloxi Community Collaborative
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program Fund
  • Friends of the Harrison County Library Endowment Fund
  • Friends of Hiller Park Fund
  • Gulf Coast Community Foundation Endowment
  • Gulf Coast Tourism Fund
  • Knight Non-profit Center Charitable Fund
  • Leo W. Seal Teacher Recognition Award
  • Life Without Borders Scholarship Fund
  • Long Beach Excellence in Education Fund
  • Let’s Go! Gulf Coast Fund
  • Marsha Barbour Center Fund
  • MS Alliance for Nonprofits and Philanthropic Endowment Fund
  • MS Gulf Coast Senior Prom Committee
  • MS Gulf Coast YMCA (Wyman Fund)
  • MS Volunteer Hub Fund
  • One Coast Neshoba Fair Committee
  • O’Keefe Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Fund
  • Our Mother of Sorrows Church Endowment Fund
  • Promenade Mural Restoration Fund
  • Shaw University Endowment Fund
  • St. Alphonsus School Tuition Fund
  • St. James Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Patrick Catholic High School
  • Dr. Philip Terrell Excellence in Education Endowment
  • Walter Anderson Museum Endowment


Agency Funds

Allows a non-profit organization to use the Foundation as its fiscal agent, protects its endowed monies for future needs, ensures a consistent form of annual income, allows additional investment opportunities, and fulfills its mission into perpetuity.

  • Gulf Coast Education Initiative
  • Gulf Coast Education Initiative Hardin Challenge
  • Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra
  • Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra Conductors Fund
  • Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra Sheet Music Endowed
  • Knight Nonprofit Center Agency Endowment Fund
  • Legacy Business League
  • Lynn Meadows Discovery Center
  • Memorial Hospital Foundation Fund
  • Moss Point Community Development Fund
  • Pathways to Possibilities
  • ROCK Foundation Agency Endowment Fund
  • Seashore Highlands Retirement Community Endowed Fund
  • United Way of South MS Operating Endowment Fund


Field of Interest Funds

Supports specific areas of interests as determined by the donor (for example, child advocacy, animal welfare, education, health and wellness.) This type of fund allows for flexibility to respond to changing community needs.

  • Roy and Louise Anderson Endowment Fund
  • Anthony Dartez Endowment Fund
  • Eileen S. and Earl Whittemore, Jr. Fund
  • Isiah Fredericks Education Endowment Fund
  • George County Disaster Assistance Fund
  • Gulf Coast Association of Realtors
  • Gulfport Excellence Fund
  • John T. and Lois R. “Sonny” Velkas Child Welfare Fund
  • Law Enforcement Appreciation Fund
  • MS Disaster Relief Fund
  • Pat Santucci Education Fund
  • United Way of South MS Community Disaster Reserve Fund
  • Jack A. & Gertrude W. Wilson Animal Welfare Fund



Employee Assistance Funds

Allows companies or groups of employees to set up a charitable fund to assist employees during time of disaster or financial hardships. Anyone can donate to an employee assistance fund, including employees helping employees and vendors that want to make a contribution.

  • Bally Corporation Employee Assistance Fund
  • Goodwill Industries of South MS Team Member Assistance Fund
  • Hancock Whitney Associate Assistance Fund
  • Merit Health Biloxi Employee Assistance Fund



Scholarship Funds

Provides financial assistance for students at any educational level of program of study.

  • Ashley Hopkins Memorial Scholarship
  • Boys & Girls Club the Gulf Coast Scholarship
  • Blue Caillavet Athletic Scholarship
  • Career Women’s Club Scholarship Fund (Gayfers)
  • Dorothy M. Eaton Scholarship for Performing Arts
  • James S. Eaton Scholarship
  • Explosion of Excellence
  • HCHS Alumni Robin Alfred Midcalf Student Athlete Scholarshop Fund
  • Hollie Gonsoulin Memorial Scholarship
  • Gulfport Gridiron Club Education Fund
  • Leo W. Seal, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  • Jeremiah J. & Annette S. O’Keefe Scholarship Fund
  • Ross Langston Scholarship Fund
  • Mary & Gene Levens Scholarship Fund
  • Harold & Mary Perlman Scholarship Fund
  • Kevin L. Rayburn Memorial Fund
  • Lawrence & Lucimarian/Roberts Helpline Fund
  • Michael Mixon Memorial Scholarshop Fund
  • MS Power Heritage Scholarship Fund
  • Rotary Club of Biloxi Scholarship
  • Rotary Club of Gulfport Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Sara “Penny” Cobb Scholarship
  • Stewart Sneed Hewes Fund
  • Tougaloo College Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Jack A. Wilson Engineering Scholarship Fund
  • Ocean Springs High School Alumni Scholarship Endowed Fund
Unrestricted Funds

Allows the Community Foundation Board of Directors to make grants to respond to the ever-changing needs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  • Community Impact Fund
  • Gulf Coast Community Foundation Operating Endowment
  • Raymond Brown Good Works Fund
  • Ruthie and Rodger Wilder Fund
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