We are seeking passionate, community-minded women in South Mississippi to join the GivHer Circle!

Our mission is simple yet profound: to amplify the voices of under-represented nonprofits in our region. As a GivHer Circle member, you will empower small organizations that make a big impact in our communities. Beyond financial support, joining the Circle connects you with like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference. Whether you’re new to the Circle or returning for another impactful year, your involvement keeps you informed, fosters meaningful connections, and collectively drives positive change.

The charitable purpose of the GivHer Circle Fund is to support local nonprofit organizations within Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s six-county service area of George, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, and Stone counties. We aim to award five $20,000 grants annually to deserving organizations. GivHer Circle members identify and recommend organizations meeting specific criteria that have a primary focus on child welfare, education, or health. Also, while special emphasis is given to nonprofits with an operational budget of $250,000 or less, this focus does not preclude consideration of other deserving projects and organizations.

Your commitment as a member will directly support these efforts! You can join the GivHer Circle at one of the following levels:

  • Champion Member: $1,200
  • Legacy Member (Age 60+): $600
  • Young Philanthropist (Age 35 & Under): $300

Champion Level donations help us achieve our mission more effectively, but please donate at the level that is meaningful for you. Installment donation options are available. Your membership, spanning from July 1 to June 30, will not only amplify your voice but also provide invaluable tax deductions for your contributions.

Join the GivHer Circle today! Together, we can create lasting, meaningful change in South Mississippi.

Need more information on becoming a GivHer Circle Donor?

Please complete the form below to receive more information about how to become a GivHer Circle donor and the benefits of membership. You also have the option to ask questions and/or leave comments on the form. Thank you for your interest! We’re ready to help you begin your journey with the Circle.

GivHer Circle members are empowered women empowering change!

GivHer Circle Members

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