Friends of the Foundation

The Community Foundation is important to the vitality of our community and plays a unique role by attracting, managing, and distributing millions of dollars to improve the lives of local people. The purpose of the Friends of the Foundation campaign is to reach out to charitably inclined leaders, who share our vision. Thanks to the financial support of our “Friends,” the Foundation is able to continue to provide services to donors and support a variety of charitable causes across South Mississippi.


$3,000 or above

Alexander, Van Loon, Sloan, Levens & Favre, PLLC  $3,000
Golden Nugget  $3,000
Mississippi Power  $3,000

$2,000 or above

Watts, James and Linda  $2,850
Balch and Bingham  $2,000
Huntington Ingalls Industries  $2,000
Wilson, Anthony  $2,000

$1,000 or above

Philips, Frank and Joy $1,500
Alexander, Wynn  $1,000
Chevron  $1,000
Coast Electric Power Association  $1,000
Cullinan, George $1,000
Hancock-Whitney Bank $1,000
The First A National Banking Association  $1,000
Treutel, Dave and Anna  $1,000
Wilder, Rodger and Ruthie  $1000
Yates, William and Tara  $1,000

$500 or above

Bank of America  $500
Barnes, Ron  $500
Blossman Propane Gas & Appliance  $500
Bradford O’Keefe Funeral Home  $500
Guichet, Paul  $500
Patton, Bobby  $500
People’s Bank  $500
Shaw, Cindy  $500
Smith, Rufus  $500
Tamboli, Kai and Michele  $500

$250 or above

Plitz, Williams LaRosa  $350
Watts, James and Linda (donor advised fund fees)  $350
Fairey, Gregory  $250
Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union  $250
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino  $250
Joachim, Jack and Liz  $250
King, Scott and Jessica  $250
Knoll, Eric and Rachael  $250
Spraggins, Joe  $250
Cathy and Duane Wilson  $250
Williams, Mickey  $250

$100 or above

McDonough, William Jr.  $200
McCrary, Bryan and Margaret  $100
Mississippi Export Railroad Company  $100
Trapani, Rebecca and Christopher  $100
Williams, Bill and Lauren  $100
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