Donate to the Gulf Coast comunity Foundation


Importance of Donors

The services of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation are as broad as the interests of its Donors.  Donors do not so much contribute to the Foundation as they contribute through the Foundation to the charitable cause of their choosing.  The Foundation is a vehicle for charitable giving through which individuals, families, corporations, non-profit organizations and private foundations can meet charitable objectives in the fields of education, arts and culture, historic preservation, neighborhood enrichment, and health and human services.  If a Donor is undecided over which philanthropic cause to support, the Foundation can identify charitable causes in need of funding.  Or a Donor can contribute to the GOOD WORKS FUND, which was established by the Foundation to respond to unmet local needs.


Services for Donors

The Foundation allows Donors an alternative to creating their own foundation in order to pursue the Donor’s charitable purpose.  That purpose may be limited to one charitable organization or it may be broad and change over time.  A Donor, who establishes a fund, can immediately obtain the maximum tax benefits permitted by law for their contribution, while avoiding the administrative hassles and expenses associated with establishing a private foundation.


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