The Michael Mixon Memorial Scholarship was established in July 2011. Mr. Mixon was Valedictorian Biloxi High School class of 1986. He was a graduate of Georgia Tech where he received his degree in Chemical Engineering and also received a degree in Biology. Mr. Mixon completed his Master’s Degree requirements in Bio-Chemical Engineering at the Baylor School of Medicine and he pursued a Doctoral Degree where he was involved in Breast Cancer Research.

The award will be granted to a graduating senior from Biloxi High School who understands and exemplifies the belief system that Michael Mixon himself purported: aspire to excellence, but be yourself. The quality we’re seeking in the recipient is the drive for fulfillment in work and life through hard work, but never to lose sight of who you are and what you believe. Applicants must complete an essay on the importance of individuality. The essay must be no less than 500 words, typed and submitted in printed form to the Biloxi High School Career Center no later than March 31st of each year.