Hancock-Whitney Bank is honored to recognize teachers who continuously develop innovative teaching solutions, demonstrate strong leadership skills, and are passionate about the role they play today, in developing tomorrow’s future leaders.

Up to ten grants of $2,000 each will be awarded to outstanding educators in Forrest, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Lamar, and Pearl River Counties who submit projects with an innovative approach to helping children learn.

View the guidelines here then apply by filling out the Letter of Intent via the form below. Applications will be available on October 1st, 2018 and the application deadline is November 13, 2018.
* Please complete this form in its entirety and do not exceed the maximum word requirements.

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Project Title & Brief Description (180 words):*
These grants were established to fund innovative teaching projects. Applicants seeking to use these funds only to cover the cost of supplies for everyday classroom use will NOT be funded. What about your project, and the way you plan to use this grant, makes your idea unique? (250 words):*
Population Served (Include grade levels; approximate number of children; and other relevant demographic information):*
Project Goals/Budget (Provide an overview of the total project cost and a brief description of how the funds would be spent. If the project will exceed $2,000, please indicate how the additional funds will be obtained):*