Jack and Trudy Wilson’s love of animals led them to establish an endowed fund to care for companion animals. Years later the fund continues to support local programs such as the Friends of the Jackson County County Animal Shelter Pets, Wild at Heart Rescue, Humane Society of South Mississippi, Wildlife Care and Rescue, Tired Dog Rescue, and Friends of the Animal Shelter in Hancock County.

The Jack A. & Trudy W. Wilson Animal Welfare Fund was established in 2001 to provide competitive grants for qualifying organizations classified as public charities under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue code that deliver programs for or with animals.  All grants from this fund are for the welfare of animals and all animals are to be included. Program administrative fees should not exceed eight percent (8%). Examples of eligible programs include: Spay and Neuter, animal adoption and community education.

The application process for the Wilson Animal Welfare Fund has a two-stage process.  The first stage consists of submitting a Letter of Inquiry outlining your project and funding request.  The purpose of this letter of inquiry is to avoid the time and effort in presenting a full application for requests that are simply out of the scope of our grant program. After you have carefully reviewed the guidelines, submit your Letter of Inquiry to the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, 11975 Seaway Road, Suite B-150. Gulfport, MS 39503.

Your submission should include the following information:

·         Introduction to your organization, history, mission, etc.   (Include Fed Tax ID & MS State reg. numbers)

·         Statement of the issues or community priorities that the project will address

·         Concise description of the activities to be undertaken

·         Start-up and completion dates

·         Project budget identifying all funding sources and itemizing all potential expenditures

Application Period: August 1 – October 31

Grant Application: Animal Welfare Grant Application 2018-2019

Grant Requests

Upon receipt, the Advisory Committee will review your Letter of Inquiry for basic eligibility and relationship to their funding priorities.  If your project does not fall within those priorities, you will receive an explanation.   If the Advisory Committee determines your project is suitable to take to the next phase of review, you will be invited to submit a formal application, the second stage of the process.   At this time, an application packet will be mailed to you.  Packet will detail all requirements along with the deadline for submission.   The Advisory Committee will then consider your formal proposal and make a recommendation to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Submitted materials become the property of the Foundation.  Decisions on all grants rest with the Foundation Board.  Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision approximately four weeks after the application deadline.

Grant Guidelines

1.  All grants from this fund are to go to the welfare of animals.
2.  Will not support fundraising efforts
3.  Grants can be made for bricks and mortar.
4.  Animal programs with limited administrative fees (8% or less):
a)  Spaying and neutering of animals
b)  Animal adoption programs
c)  Community education programs
d)  All animals are to be included