The Community Foundation is important to the vitality of our community and plays a unique role by attracting, managing, and distributing millions of dollars to improve the lives of local people. The purpose of the Friends of the Foundation campaign is to reach out to charitably inclined leaders, who share our vision. Thanks to the financial support of our “Friends,” the Foundation is able to continue to provide services to donors and support a variety of charitable causes across South Mississippi.

Mississippi Power Company

Alexander, Van Loon, Sloan, Levens & Favre, PLLC
Huntington Ingalls Industry

Wynn Alexander
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
Coast Electric Power Association
George Cullinan
Governor’s Public Policy Event Fund
Hancock-Whitney Bank
Joy Phillips
James & Linda Watts
Rodger & Ruth Wilder
Anthony Wilson
Williams & Tara Yates

John Baxter
Raymond Brown
Trent & Shannon Favre
Paul & Kerry Guichet
Mr. & Mrs. Joachim
Bill McDonough
Christy Pickering
Mississippi Export Railroad
Peoples Bank
Plitz, Williams, LaRosa
Preston Hood Chevrolet
Cindy Shaw
Rufus & Carolyn Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Tamboli
Dave & Anna Treutel
Lauren & Bill Williams