Knight Cities Challenge: Biloxi’s 3 B’s

Biloxi Bacon, Barq’s and bread.  To someone from the Coast, Biloxi’s three Bs might be as common sense as peeling crawfish.  Those who grew up eating fresh from the boat and wearing flip-flops well into November have Biloxi’s history instilled in them.  But for someone like myself, a non-traditional local if you will, they can be a little bit confusing. Read more

Knight Cities Challenge: Urban Retail Village

Gulfport is a city built on shipping. Steel containers line the coast, serving as a final defense between the city and the sea. Since 1902 Gulfport has been associated with the pods that flow in and out of the city like the body of water it borders, but now Laurie Toups, Gulfport Main Street Director, and a team of like-minded community members are trying to make some of those containers a permanent part of the landscape. Read more

Knight Cities Challenge: A Coastal State of Mind

Last year the Knight Cities Challenge awarded nearly $5,000,000 to 32 groups who presented ideas they believed would benefit their cities in the long run.  These plans ranged from a $20,000 grant to fund a neighborhood conservation kit in Philadelphia, PA to a $650,000 grant to repurpose a vacant lot as a culinary incubator and cafe in Gary, IN.

Why does this matter to Gulf Coast residents?  Read more