The Gulf Coast Community Foundation recognizes charitable giving should be a rewarding experience, rather than a burden.  Here is how we can help:

     Simplicity: A fund is established with a gift instrument that requires less than an hour to prepare. Thereafter, the Foundation provides all administrative services such as accounting, auditing, financial management, grantmaking, due diligence, and receipting.

     Flexibility: The Foundation offers various types of funds to reflect the desired level of involvement.  Donors may offer advice on grants made from their fund, or entrust decisions to the Foundation. The Foundation maintains strong links to local nonprofit organizations, which allows the Foundation to connect Donors with organizations that correspond to their interests and ensure the maximum impact of gifts.

     Tax Advantages:  Since the Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity, contributions are eligible for the maximum tax benefits allowed by law. Donors will receive an immediate tax deduction the year the gift is made without having to rush into decisions regarding the ultimate timing or beneficiary of their gifts.

     Professional Management and Accountability: Assets invested with the Foundation are professionally managed according to an Investment Policy established by the Board of Directors. Funds benefit from being pooled and invested with the Foundation’s total assets, resulting in lower management fees, greater investment diversification and minimized risks. To ensure the quality and security of the Foundation’s financial operations, an independent certified audit is performed annually.

     Stability: The Foundation is a professional organization that meets published standards of performance for investment practices, Donor services, and grant making practices. Yearly auditing, public disclosure of all grant activities and careful selection of Board Members assure continued use of funds in the public interest as Donors have determined. Should the intended beneficiaries of a fund become obsolete; the Foundation will redirect the gift to charities with similar goals. Of course, the Donor may offer advice on this redirection during their lifetime. After the Donor passes on, the Board will continue to properly redirect funds as needed.

     Permanence: An important part of our work is building a permanent collection of funds for the community that will continue to carry out the charitable objectives of the Donors who established them.