Grant Awards

Pat Santucci Education Fund Awards over $4,000

The Pat Santucci Education Fund supports projects that impact public education on the MS Gulf Coast.  This award is designed to benefit schools and non profit agencies who serve populations from predominately low income families.

Recipeints are:

  • Southside Lower Elementary School-Creating a “Sensory Smart” Classroom.  An environment where all children with or without a specific disorder can address all their sensory needs.
  • Central Elementary-“Making Reading Central” To design a reading room to increase comprehensive and fluency rates for the students.
  • Poplarville High School-Starting a School Based Enterprise-To provide students with the opportunities to gain realistic, marketing competencies in a unique “hands-on” learning environment.
  • Jackson Elementary-“Bananas Over Books” to order more books for kindergarten and first grade students to increase the amount of words read.
  • Educational Support Organization Inc-Enhancing After-School tutoring program.  To assist students in improving their reading and math skills to age and grade appropriate knowledge and skill levels.


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